Segment B3 Long Tunnel Update The Surface Water Supply Project is currently advertising the Segment B3 Long Tunnel Construction Contract, which includes the construction of approximately 4.4 miles of 96-inch diameter treated water transmission line with necessary valves, various connections, and appurtenances. The proposed tunnel will initiate from a launching shaft near the intersection of Hopper Road and Shady Lane and extend 23,035 feet (4.4 miles) to a reception shaft positioned approximately 400 feet west of Interstate 45.  The tunnel will be within the Exxon Fee Strip for approximately 3.3 miles between Aldine Westfield Road and Sweetwater Lane. The tunnel design involves an approximate 11-foot diameter tunnel to be constructed on a 0.12 percent grade sloping down to the east. In general, the pipe grade will follow the natural slope of the ground surface.  Minimum depth to the tunnel crown is approximately 25 feet.  In general, the tunnel will be positioned approximately 5 feet inside the outer Fee Strip boundary to maintain maximum clear distance away from the existing pipelines.  Considering that the existing pipelines meander from one side of the Fee Strip to the other, the tunnel will cross under the shallow pipelines at five locations.  Details of this work are provided in the Construction Drawings and Project Manual made available on CIVCAST at
This project is a part of the overall Surface Water Supply Project.  An invitation to bidders is attached for download by clicking here  Copies of the RFQ documents may be reviewed and obtained from search WHCRWA Segment B3 Request for Qualifications.

Design for the proposed Surface Water Supply Project, including over 55 miles of water line and two large pump stations began in spring 2016. Construction began in early 2020, and delivery of surface water to WHCRWA and NFBWA residents through this line is scheduled to begin in 2024.

The Project is now nearing completion of the Design Phase. As we work to complete this phase, contractors may be seen in your area conducting geotechnical survey work and may need to access your property. We will make every reasonable attempt to contact you before accessing your property, including mail, doorhangers, and contact cards.

Construction of the project is expected to take place from 2020 to 2024 and will be completed in segments. In other words, the waterline will be built one piece at a time. Construction schedules are NOT set, and your area will only be impacted for part of the construction phase. Your safety, ease of access, and well-marked detour information will be our priority throughout the life of the project.