Surface Water Supply Project Location

The West Harris County Regional Water Authority negotiated with the City of Houston to purchase additional surface water. The agreement between the City and the WHCRWA stipulates that the water must originate at the City of Houston Northeast Water Purification Plant, thereby excluding other regional surface water sources. To deliver the water from the required source, the WHCRWA took great care to choose a route that considers the residents, businesses, and existing infrastructure. The WHCRWA spent years researching and refining the route and worked with elected officials to choose the most cost-effective alignment with the least impacts to the community as a whole.

To minimize community impacts, the majority of the pipeline will be installed within an existing pipeline corridor. This pipeline corridor, where accessible, has been maintained by the WHCRWA since its purchase.

project location


If you have questions, concerns, or feedback related to the Surface Water Supply Project, please contact the Surface Water Supply Project team by calling 1-844-638-SWSP (7977), or emailing


The WHCRWA was established in 2001 to supply surface water to the western region of Harris County. The WHCRWA service area includes approximately 120 municipal water providers within the boundaries of the WHCRWA and seven located outside of the WHCRWA boundaries. As mandated by the Texas legislature, the WHCRWA has several objectives:
  • To acquire and provide a reliable supply of surface water
  • To conserve, preserve, protect, and recharge groundwater resources
  • To facilitate compliance with subsidence district requirements
  • To encourage water conservation


The NFBWA was established in 2005 to supply surface water to the northern region of Fort Bend County. The NFBWA service area includes approximately 69 utility districts and two cities, Fulshear and Arcola. Although this project is directly sponsored by the WHCRWA, the NFBWA is funding approximately 45 percent of the total cost and is a beneficiary of the surface water to be provided by the Surface Water Supply Project.


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